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To create an idea you need to know first what is happening around the world, this gives you a push to invent on new things. This was what happened in the mind of Rialdo Shepherd, DJ and electronic music producer and host of “Dance Nation Podcast ” program. Rialdo knew about the Podcast format via the internet which followers of great artists can hear pre-recorded shows without having to wait a day or specific time. This method is a good way for people to always keep in tune from their artists touring, news, new releases of their products and more.

Our Host

Rialdo is still a strong supporter of the best podcast in the world as ”Global DJ Broadcast by Markus Schulz “, ”Radio Group Therapy by Above and Beyond”, ”Vonyc Sessions Paul Van Dyk “, “A State Of Trance Armin Van Buuren ” and many more. Rialdo saw the huge amount of followers of all these Podcast and visioned a big opportunity in trying to find a way so that his followers can also hear him. Generally the biggest artists and djs from around the world have global hits, albums that become anthems and then create their record labels, make their own radio programs and podcast version, then after that they can go much further like creating TV programs and such; the possibilities for a renowned artist are limitless. Rialdo, However , not being a renowned artist, decided to do the opposite, first creating a Podcast for their fans to hear their new releases and DJ sets.


Dance Nation Podcast was thus created in November 2011 with episode 001, lasting 1 hour and English spoken for reaching an international market. The original idea was that listeners were registered for each week, getting a notification of a new episode and increasing his audience. In 2012, he joined with DJ and producer Sergio Mix, which was a guest dj for episode 015. Sergio found a lot of potential on the podcast so he decided to join forces with Rialdo. This show is now a well-established company which has become an agency with a roster of more than 13 new DJs and Producers of the local scene and also a promoter for sponsoring events like “Insomnia“, ” Francis Davila at Ryu Hotel ” and ” Youngsters Festival ” with international artists like counting Filo and Peri, Francis Davila, Allure, Showtek, Hannah and many more. Dance Nation Podcast is still transmitting, with new episodes every Monday for 1 hour hosted by Rialdo Shepherd and guest DJs which can vary between Progressive, House, Electro and Trance music. Dance Nation Podcast is now the Podcast with more episodes in Panama and the only Spoken English Podcast in Panama and also the only podcast with a roster of local artists. Dance Nation Podcast is the undisputed number 1 Panama.

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Formed in


Gusth his real name is Gustavo Adolfo Soto Marquez was born in Panama City on august 30 of 1993, He stars in his music life at the age of 16 when his mother give to him his first electric guitar, then he become a guitarist of some rock/pop/indie bands then he stop playing on rock bands and stars his journey to the electric music when her girlfriend won a contest…

Xavi Graziano

Formed in Panama city, Panama. 2013


Xavi Graziano , Dj / Producer Venezuelan, born in 1998 , takes his first steps in music at the age of ten . Powered by your father a DJ eighties gives the first instructions in the art of mixing. This is fascinated and thence is passionate about electronic music. Later comes the need not only mix music from other producers, but also to produce her own songs and began to…


Formed in Panama city, Panama. 2013


Born in Panama City, Panama grew up surrounded by music. Whether it is from playing the recorder flute to currently mixing it up as a Dj, this guy loves music. Using his knowledge in various musical instruments to drive his music forward, he promises to amaze his listeners with sounds that will make them dance. Growing up in the U.S. on both east and west coast urban music will always…
"Dance Nation Podcast"
by Rialdo Shepherd


El host de Dance Nation Podcast Rialdo Shepherd lanzó el pasado 16 de junio su nuevo track “Dirty Me” con el sello Ton Def Music Records, al mismo tiempo se lanza su remix a cargo de Damion Daniel llevando el single del Trance al Progressive House.

Puedes adquirir ambos tracks aquí

Te dejamos con las producciones de este talentoso panameño:

Amatist Vane

Durante la sesión de preguntas y respuestas de Richie Hawtin en Reddit, la leyenda del Techno dedicó 90 minutos para responder las preguntas de sus fans, desde sus presentaciones en clubes y asesoramiento en producción hasta su interés por los tatuajes. Pero el momento que se robó el centro de atención de la sesión fue cuando Hawtin dió un indicio de que él y deadmau5 estuvieron conversando de hacer “algo” juntos.


Hawtin y deadmau5 se han asociado antes: tocaron un set B2B en SXSW el año pasado y Hawtin lanzó en el mes de marzo bajo su sello discográfico, Plus 8, “Sunspot (White Space Conflict)”,  un tema de deadmau5 bajo su alias “testpilot”. Hawtin no reveló más detalles sobre lo que harán, pero ya sea que se trate de una colaboración o de otro set b2b, ¡estaremos deseando que llegue!

Isaías Cobos


El día de hoy sale la nueva versión de Rekordbox por Pioneer DJ con muchas novedades:

• Varias funciones de navegación facilitan una óptima selección de canciones al marcar las pistas.

 “Playlist Palette” para una edición intuitiva de las listas de reproducción.

• Se pueden establecer memory cues / hot cues con comentarios y mediante colores, resultando muy útiles durante la sesión.

• Función “2Player” permite a los usuarios comprobar las mezclas.

• “Sync Manager” permite gestionar cómodamente diferentes Softwares y dispositivos

• Mejora del rendimiento y las funciones para una preparación más rápida y cómoda de las sesiones.

Para más información visita Rekordbox y para descargarlo Download

Amatist Vane



"Dance Nation Podcast"
by Rialdo Shepherd

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